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1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA

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Website: www.uiueux.com

Quill and Spade is a visual design studio based in Toronto, Canada and directed by Anuroop Kallé. Our approach is simple: do the research and keep things intuitive, efficient, and beautiful. Design should solve problems- big and small- and be done with thoughtfulness and clarity. This philosophy is built into everything we create.

We specialize in ux/ui design, with a particular focus on highly regulated verticals such as medical and pharmaceuticals. We also work with individuals and established brands for art direction, identity design/branding, graphic design, illustration, typography and lettering, and packaging design.


Anuroop Kallé

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About Anuroop Kallé

Anuroop Kallé has over 10 years of experience in visual design, working with individuals and businesses of a wide spectrum of sizes and industries. His diverse background and experience in fine arts, design, mathematics, and music has developed into a unique approach into design thinking.

Having worked with medical technology companies with FDA, Health Canada, and other regulatory body clearances, Anuroop has a robust knowledge of the rigorous set of standards, best practices, limitations, clinical workflows, legal, risk, and other essential considerations that are required for products in this regulated field. Anuroop holds a certification from Neilsen and Norman Group (NN/g) in UX Design specializing in interaction design.